You know YOUR ONE needs to hear it. It'll matter immensely to her to hear your story. You ready to create it?  Let's get connected and in the meantime, please enjoy a (free) copy of my guide Journey into Joy: Beyond the 11 Universal Laws or journey below.

Meet Pamela

Pamela Lynch spent 31 years in book publishing from the production assistant to the Permissions Editor to the boardroom as the EA and finally a the Web Producer.

Since her "right sizing" in 2011 when her department was dismantled, Pamela studied to become a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Certified Dream Coach.

These skills serve her since becoming a #1 best selling co-author in "Warrior Women with Angel Wings."  And, they serve her clients, who want to get their book from their head to their heart to humanity.

Pamela's gift is seeing the potential in people and their products, projects, ideas, and stories.

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Story Santuary

Get trained by Pamela Lynch to get your story from your head to your heart to humanity!

This is your opportunity to participate in a program where a certified coach helps you get your story out of your head where it's been stored for perhaps decades. You will be surprised at how easy it is to create your title, the story outline and lessons. Whether you want to write a chapter, a whole book, or create a product, the processes Pamela takes you through are effective. By the end of the four week program you will have the story flowing from you.


Ignite Your Wealth Coaching

Uncover your intention purpose, and dreams, and start living the life you dream about.

Have you ever wanted to attract your ideal life, man, more money, or a dream career?  Learn step-by-step in this 10 part proven system from examining your purpose and creating your dreams, We side-step into what's preventing you from having these already!  From there are the inspired actions to get the results you desire! Pamela's techniques from her Law of Attraction coaching integrate amazingly throughout this program.


Featured Books

Warrior Women with Angel Wings

Stories of Love, Hope, Faith, Courage & Angels

This is a powerful anthology filled with amazing authors. Each of these women have a unique and beautiful story to share. They shared their courage, faith, hope and love with you. As you read each you will be inspired, encouraged and uplifted. As each takes the time to give you a glimpse into their lives and their journey! This is the first book in an amazing, powerful and beautiful collection.

Learn How Pamela Lynch Created Her Story when you join the Story Sanctuary.

You will use the same techniques and processes to create your masterpiece.


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