About Pamela

The Woman:

As I closed in on my 60th year of life, I decided it was time to stop playing scared. Never mind playing small, it was worse than than that. I wasn't even in the game.

It was time to dig deep to not only figure out my stuff but be the abundant, master manifestor I knew I was born to be. I believe everyone else is born with gifts that offered infinite potential so why didn't I believe that for myself?

  • Why didn't I trust myself?
  • Why didn't I feel lovable enough?
  • Why didn't I feel worthy enough to be financially free?
  • Why was I so deep in debt and what was I going to do about it?
  • Why had I messed up my finances so badly?
  • Why am I so adverse to going and getting a "regular" job?

It seems as soon as I asked the questions, I saw I wasn't alone. Far from it. My conversations with hundreds of other women revealed that the silent underlying pain born from unworthiness and its sister 'not enoughness' is an epidemic in our society.

The Coach: 

My mission is to help individuals raise their vibration to shift from feeling unworthy to wealthy.

A Wealth Igniter and Spiritual Life Coach, I help people uncover the blocks to their abundance, re-discover their purpose, and see their potential to ignite true wealth.

I am a consummate connector to people and ideas.  I've interviewed many thought leaders, published “Journey into Joy,” and am a contributing author in “Warrior Women with Angel Wings”.

I believe anything is possible, and my heart-felt message from the stage reveals every one is born worthy and wealthy!

The Author:

I am so proud to be a #1 best-selling co-author with other amazing Warrior Women. The title "Warrior Women with Angel Wings" is a compilation of several women's stories. You may see yourself in one of many of these stories, and you will be pulled in, brought to tears, learn how they overcame unforgettable obstacles or like my own story, got over a broken heart. The lessons may astound you while your heart may be profoundly touched.

Warrior Women with Angel Wings, Stories of Love, Hope, Faith, Courage & Angels is now #1 all its categories and in four countries. You may order your signed copy here.

We all have a Story:

I began my healing journey in 2011. I sensed I was meant to do more. While I appreciated my 13 year career as a Web Producer for a book publishing company, and deeply appreciated working remotely in beautiful Kelowna, I was not challenged. As happens, my energy resonated at a new higher vibration and I was "right-sized."  The publishing company was laying people off, and I was one of them.

In the same month that I lost my job, my divorce came through and I was buying the family home. I got all the debt that came with it.  As the bread winner, I got to pay spousal support and child support since my youngest son chose to live with his Dad. (I can relate to both sides of that equation now.) I was devastated. Immediately, I felt like a failure as a mom.  Financially, I was ok, but over the next five years, I managed to really screw up my finances.

My path took me down several rabbit holes over the next five years and kept defaulting to my comfortable tech background. 

  • Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach in 2012
  • Certified Dream Coach™ in 2016
  • The Way of the Heart™ Integrations

I've been trained and certified by two top International Coaches, Christy Whitman and Marcia Wieder. I specialize in:

  • Mindset
  • Laws of the Universe
  • Christy's year long Coaching certification program
    is based in the teachings of Abraham Hicks
    and making people's dreams come true.
  • proven 10 step program to help you
  • re-discover your purpose
  • align your dreams with your purpose
  • create a project and take inspired action steps to fulfill your dreams.
  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach through Christy Whitman's Quantum Success Coaching Academy
  • Certified Dream Coach® personally coached by Marcia Wieder, America's Dream Coach.
  • 2016 Year of Miracles Program with Marci Shimoff and Debra Halperin Poneman
  • Studied Meditation and White Light Healing with Christy Whitman, and many other masters including Jean Houston, Christy Marie Sheldon
    NLP: Michael Stevenson
    Brain Science with Mark Waldmam, Deepak Chopra
    Practiced Ancestral Healing with John Latham
    Studied Business and Entrepreneurial Skills with Eben Pagan, Rich Schefren,
    Blair Singer, Mack Newton, Jon Benson to name a few.
    Business Breakthrough Half Day Intensive with Chet Holmes Group
    Quantum Leap program, including Inner Circle with T Harv Eker

Finally towards the end of 2016 I was so deep in debt, and struggled with the idea of declaring bankruptcy. In December, my Dad called to offer me the down payment for a condo. I broke down. I couldn't finance a cup of coffee never mind buy a condo.

I began writing my story in January 2017. The more I wrote the deeper I got and the more I healed. Then the real work began: to free myself, to heal my broken heart and consequently my twisted money mindset.

It culminated in a trip during April 2017 to Toronto with three factors. My rescuer revelation, my mounting credit card debt, and a confirmed appointment to declare personal bankruptcy upon my return from my business trip to Toronto. 

I really had no business going on that trip. I justified it since I grew up in Toronto, and I hadn't been back in ten years. It was a incredible chance to visit all my close friends whom I hadn't seen in 10+ years.  I could stay with them and have quality time.  I scraped my money together and paid down one of my cards to have available while away. As it happens, the credit card happily took the money and reduced my limit. Here I was about to head off on a 10 day trip with $300 in my bank account instead of $800. I was mortified. 

The Rescuer Revelation

I could have asked a friend to lend me to money, again, but decided against it due to my recent revelation that I had this unhealthy "rescuer" relationship with money. It stems back to childhood where I desperately sought love and approval from my (step) Dad. I was broke. He'd bail me out. People show up the way you expect them to.  I didn't have a "real job" so he assumed I couldn't afford things. I equated my Dad's showing me love was to "rescue" me and give me money. Crazy what happens at a sub-conscious level.  As if that wasn't enough for one lifetime, I also was a rescuer for my (former) husband who I supported during our 20 year marriage. It turns out I had a financial karmic debt to him that I paid in full in this life time. There was such relief in realizing that revelation.

This made me say no to being rescued when I was headed off to Toronto. I trusted everything would be ok. Miraculously four days into the trip, I received unexpected news that an healthy sum of money was on its way to me.  Upon my return home, I received the exact amount to pay off the high interest, crippling cards. I immediately cancelled my appointment with BDC.  A month later another cheque showed up from an inheritance from my Mom's estate, and I was able to shift my money vibe from lack to abundance.  It gave me clarity around my coaching practice to focus on helping individuals shift from unworthy to wealthy.

Long Bio:

Pamela’s mission is to help people raise their vibration to shift from feeling unworthy to wealthy. 

As a Wealth Igniter and Spiritual Life Coach, Pamela coaches individuals to get to the root that is masking their abundance. She guides them go deep to dispel the feelings of unworthiness and to see the blocks to their abundance. Her gift is to help clients re-discover their purpose and see their potential to ignite true wealth. She sees the potential in others, their gifts, ideas, programs and business, and helps to promote them to the world.

Pamela is an inspiring speaker, author, and workshop leader. Her vision is to offer collaborative retreat opportunities in exotic paradises that are captivating and transforming.

Her ferocious determination, dedication to life learning, and her deep spiritual connection to her self and others were honed through her Shotokan Karate practice. Pamela achieved the rank of first degree black belt when she was in her late 20s.

Pamela enjoyed 31 years in book publishing developing skills, talents, and experiences from production to the boardroom. Her career culminated as a Web Producer, and spent her last 13 years with Wiley Canada creating websites and managing web content. In 2002 she relocated her family from Toronto to enjoy the benefits of working remotely in Kelowna for nine years.

After a “right-sizing” in 2011 Pamela was certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach through Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Clients are guided to uncover their limitations through the energy of the words they think, speak, and write. This helps them to get clear energetically, to realize limiting beliefs, and create a successful mindset to achieve their daily intentions.

This marries well with her certification as a Dream Coach® with Marcia Wieder's proven 10 Step Process. You are guided with specific exercises in your Dream Coaching workbook to re-discover your purpose, align your dreams with your purpose, and create a project around your dream to take inspired action to create a dream come true life.

Pamela’s dream is to speak to as many people as possible to help raise their awareness and vibration to re-connect with their purpose and attract a purposeful and prosperous life.

Pamela believes we are spiritual beings who choose life on earth for the experience, adventure, and expansion. Through healing ourselves we help to heal the planet. Her own life experiences and challenges demonstrate it is never too late to create a legacy, and she inspires others to embrace the knowledge that anything is possible and everyone is worth it!

Pamela Lynch has proudly interviewed over 25 thought leaders about Conscious Business Conversations and spiritual awareness. The interviews are available through her website and SoundCloud.

She is a consummate connector to people and ideas, and has interviewed many thought leaders, published “Journey into Joy,” and is a contributing author in “Warrior Women with Angel Wings”.

Pamela believes anything is possible, and her heart-felt message from the stage reveals every one is born worthy and wealthy!

Contact info and social media links:
PamelaLynch.com | pamelaleelynch@gmail.com
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Quantum Leap Program culminates in Maui for the Inner Circle Intensive at T Harv Eker's home in Maui.

Pictured above with: T Harv Eker, Championship Beach Volleyball team with Blair Singer, Larry Gilman, Adam Markel!


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