Create a Great 2018 - Haiku Style!

Imagine turning your word of the year into a Haiku.

When you do, you will create a meaningful statement that goes beyond setting your intention. Your Haiku will help to guide you and make difficult decisions easier. And, if you don’t have a “word,” or if it doesn’t feel right yet, this workshop will help you solidify it.

Through this practice you will learn:

  • Why your brain will appreciate it when you write your own Haiku and use it as an anchor during the year.
  • The six steps to creating a strong Haiku
  • How this process will help you to become more confident
  • To be more focused, on purpose, and taking inspired action.

Let 2018 be the year it’s meant to be for you.
Abundant. Prosperous. Joyful. Meaningful.

Kelowna friends, there are only 24 seats available.  To join me in this transformational workshop, buy your tickets now.



Wealthy Words

Wealthy Words is a GIFT along your path to release limitations, lack and frustration, and to re-connect to your heart, your divine love, and ignite your wealth. 

The word "wealth" is derived from the word well-being. Would you love to be a deliberate and conscious creator in your life and business? Learn how through:

  • your point of attraction,
  • the words you choose,
  • the meaning you give them
  • and the energy you send out to world.

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