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Warrior Women with Angel Wings

I am thrilled to be a co-author in this powerful anthology, Warrior Women with Angel Wings: Stories of Love, Hope, Faith, Courage & Angels, filled with amazing authors. Each of these women have a unique and beautiful story to share with you of their courage, faith, hope and love. As you read each one, you will be inspired, encouraged and uplifted. Each of these warrior women takes the time to give you a glimpse into their lives and their journey!  It is my distinct honour to have my heart-felt story included in this book with 45 other courageous women and one brave man.

Here is an excerpt from my chapter, You’re Worth It! The Shift From Feeling Unworthy To Wealthy.

"I’d spent my lifetime looking outwards for fulfillment when it is an inner game, and I am the creator. Underlying my feelings of abandonment and being unlovable was an unworthiness around money, which led to my inability to manifest financial abundance. It made me wonder, how many others feel unworthy?

The evidence showed up. I saw that the feeling of “not enough-ness” was rampant in our society. It was buried deep in our core beliefs. Yet on the surface, how often do we say, “I didn’t get enough sleep, work, exercise, good nutrition. I don’t have enough time. I didn’t earn enough money. I haven’t saved enough for retirement.”

So many people seek a fulfilled and abundant life, yet so few feel worthy enough to explore the opportunity to achieve wealth. How do we begin to shift from feeling unworthy to feeling wealthy? First, through our awareness. We create more of what our attention is focused on and the vibration we resonate at. I was focused on debt, and guess what? I created more debt. My thoughts of lack vibrated out into the world and returned more lack. The job of the subconscious is to fulfill the command of the conscious mind and make true anything we believe. The more energy we give a thought, the faster it looks for evidence in our environment to support it.

Through neuroscience, we have learned that we can create a new neural pathway in the brain. It allows us to change our thoughts, behaviour, habits, and results. Every time we repeat a thought, the pathway becomes more ingrained. Let’s use the belief that I must be rescued to receive money. Any time I trigger this belief, consciously or subconsciously, the neurotransmitters light up. My subconscious creates a situation to stop the flow of money. If I stay in that emotion, it deepens the false belief. The subconscious continues to find ways for me to repel money in order for me to be rescued. Since all our money comes from other people and resources, this is a problem.

When I looked for ways to see my value and to believe in myself, a shift happened. I saw money as energy, and it flowed in appreciation from me to others. I blessed the person receiving my money when I paid for my purchases. I saw money as a tool that circulated through our society in exchange for what we valued. It created a new pathway that became more ingrained and over-rode the old belief. I dug into coaching processes and meditations to heal and raise my vibration to love all that is."

- excerpt from Warrior Women with Angel Wings

May you be inspired to read the rest of my story and the incredible stories of the other contributing authors.


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