A SOUL JOURNEY - An intimate Lakehouse Retreat in Kamloops: September 10 - 12, 2018

The Way of the Heart

Breathe work is the key to expressing your divine being.

Do you live in fear, doubt, overwhelm, frustration, or procrastination? You needn't live this way.

On the other side of fear is courage, and on the other side of courage is everything you desire.

Let's get together in person to set your intention, clear ancestral and limiting beliefs.  From this place you can set intentions that align with your heart and take inspired action you love.


Wealthy Words

Wealthy Words is a GIFT along your path to release limitations, lack and frustration, and to re-connect to your heart, your divine love, and ignite your wealth. 

The word "wealth" is derived from the word well-being. Would you love to be a deliberate and conscious creator in your life and business? Learn how through:

  • your point of attraction,
  • the words you choose,
  • the meaning you give them
  • and the energy you send out to world.

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